Unite With Us!

We are committed to uniting with the people in the practice of building cooperative solutions to social issues we care about. A good place to start is reading our mission and checking your aligning with our values. However, we have learned that the desire for unity is tested and verified only by social practice, so the best way is to reach out to us if you can or you donate directly to our organization.

For more details, concrete steps in how to unite with us depends on your stage and role. Follow the link that applies to you below.

No matter what stage you are at in life, there’s always ways to be in community with us as long as your willing to build and fight for our collective mission together!

For youth (14-24) and young adults (25-29) in Worcester, opportunities to unite with us include participating in our annual Dare to Co-op Academy (DTCA) where you can gain access to the tools and resources to create your own cooperative solution. Once you complete DTCA you qualify to become a member of WYC which means access to decision-making power, resources, and opportunities to build power with like-practiced individuals.

The process of building unity for adult allies and elders is different. Our main ask for adults and elders in our community is to provide direct material and technical support by which you can donate, share your expertise and advise through our contact information. Adults and elders can unite more directly by applying to become a non-voting “Allies and Elders” member. Allies and Elders must prove their commitment to our mission and earn the trust of the youth who must approve their membership.