Save the Bridge!

Save the Bridge…and Advance the Peoples’ Struggle 🙂

Please Donate!

The Bridge has been our home since we got started in October 2020. This page represents is meant to represent our feelings towards The Bridge as a community, our passion to continue fighting to preserve our home and live this community struggle.

Here’s the story…The Sargent Card Clothing Factory (built 1866) is home to The Bridge, “a vibrant community of artists, educators and crafts people.” The Bridge and the famous Miss Worcester diner share a single deed owned by a trust, and the owner has an offer on the table for $950,000. Starting on March 16, 2021, the owner has given us a 2 week grace period to match the current offer and it starts today, March 16th 2021. If we don’t organize a critical mass of support soon we will likely be displaced and the building turned into luxury condos.

Although $1,000,000 in two weeks seems like a lot, we understand that it’s the people who are decisive, not the money. If enough people show their support and back up their desire to Save the Bridge through action, the balance will shift. The situation will change, the building will be ours, and The Bridge will belong to the community as long as we hold the line that not only protects but advances our cause! We got this!

Here’s some pictures of some of us celebrating our first day after moving to The Bridge:

Media Coverage of the Campaign so far:

Here’s a description of some of the programs working at The Bridge (From the GiveButter fundraising campaign).

The Bridge Academy

A Trade education program for young people (14-21), with a focus on those who are at risk of, or currently suffering from the effects poverty. Providing trade skills and community leadership skill in partnership with local trade unions to establish trade school curriculum including all disciplines necessary to save this building from the wrecking ball, build out the vision of our space and maintain the building going forward. To provide a living wage and education to students would be an amazing opportunity and we would be happy to hear from unions, tradespeople, teachers and very much in the electrical, pipefitting, carpentry, masonry, automotive and agricultural fields

Crash Course Creations-

Originally run out of the Director’s personal business, Crash Course is a mentor-ship program teaching young people the art of classic vehicle restoration. Dan Ford is the visionary who conceived of this bold plan to support the community. A way to save these buildings and build a home for the next generation to learn, grow and share. His close family connection to the Talberts has given him the opportunity to rent this building for the last 6 years. Crash Course Creations is dedicated to teaching young people the value of preserving the past while providing for their community.

Jubilee Career Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.

The mission of Jubilee Career Center for the Performing Arts is to bring Art, Education and Healing to inner-city children and their families; We want to to build the confidence and competence in children; to provide quality after-school programming and to positively impact their social, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being, growth and development through the arts. Our vision is to give every child/youth the opportunity to explore and experience the classical and cultural arts and that they use the arts as a creative practice within their lives and/or career choices. Our program will allow children opportunities and pathways to explore and cultivate their skills and talents through avenues of collaborations, partnerships and strong social networks.Below is a brief list of some of the classes and more we will be providing 

Dance (classical and cultural) (in all forms) 

Academic support (tutoring and literacy) 

Reading, Math, Science & more Nutrition, Cooking classes and more

Worcester Youth Cooperatives 

WYCs is a network of youth-run cooperatives on a mission to support THE POWER OF YOUTH to organize cooperative solutions to social issues they care about. This program is working to empower younger and younger kids to organize, collaborate and support one another’s success.

El Salon – 

An intentional + inclusive space for BIPoC artists + creatives to feel empowered. Taking space, sharing skills + creating our own opportunities. Through partnerships with other programs, El Salon Director Vanessa Calixto has blessed our space with her own amazing work, as well as the works of Incredible artists from the community. Helping us forge a strong bond with our community

Side Note Programs –

A program for the intersection between ideas, community, and lifestyle that we live & see in Worcester, Mass. They have been documenting and telling our story alongside us for these last two years. The video you saw at the top of the page was made by one of their members, Fernando Ponce. And the rest of this collective has been featured in our galleries, hosted celebrations here and raised a lot of funds for this cause.

Worcester Free Fridge 

A community resource for mutual aid to feed the community and provide any material resources available in one location. Worcester Free Fridge is and independent mutual aid group who was welcomed into our community and has inspired giving campaigns of food and cash donations in the tens of thousands.

R and R Jerk Chicken

In a food truck trailer owned and operated by Trevor Delaparaa. Caribbean foods in the city of Worcester are a staple and Trevor is incredibly generous with it. But the Chef is also well trained in classical cooking techniques, has a confident versatility and regularly makes guest appearances at other restaurants and pop ups. Trevor and has a passion for sharing Food Laughter and Love. He also has been fundraising hard for this campaign and he raised $1,300 in one day for this community. 

StandUp for Kids 

Worcester program whose mission is to end the cycle of youth homelessness…one youth at a time. StandUp for Kids – Worcester was founded in 2006. Volunteers started street outreach in 2008 and it became an official program in November of that year.In September 2009, we opened our first outreach center at the Wesley United Methodist Church. This outreach center was closed in February 2011 and a Food Backpack Program was started at the Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School. Funding was obtained and volunteers worked with school counselors to provide food to fill backpacks for 15 students for three school seasons. The Worcester Program opened our current outreach center in March 2014. This is an opportunity to establish a community resource that has the power to change thousands of lives for decades to come, but we need to give it a home first. So please give what you can and share, share, share!”