508 BikeLife Presents: BikeLife Delivery Co-op

In the midst of the Corona-Virus pandemic of 2020 we teamed up with Mutual Aid Worcester, Worcester Youth Hydroponic Co-op, and the Mass Redistribution Fund to delivery “Only The Best” service to our community by using our resources (bikes, mopeds, and other vehicles, our knowledge of the streets of Worcester, our trust and relationships with each other) to deliver hundreds of packages of food and other supplies to those with little access to such resources.

If you don’t already know, 508 BikeLife is a self-organized group that uses the bicycle as a critical spatial tactic to claim their right to the city. They struggle against gentrification and the commercialization of public space that limits meaningful access to one of the most basic resources a city has to offer: Space.

To learn more about 508 BikeLife and our struggle for SPACE and the RIGHT TO THE CITY, watch our mini-documentary “508 The Takeover” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlU7qgnGziA

More sights and sounds, and access coming to you soon!