1. Worker-Owned Cooperatives

Worker-Owned Cooperatives are businesses in which the company is owned and managed by the workers themselves. Among other things, this means that the workers share in the profits (or losses) equitably. In other words, Worker-Owned Cooperatives are a form of Democracy applied directly in the rhythm of daily life at the workplace. There are over 40 Massachusetts-based Worker-Owned Cooperatives and Democratic Workplaces registered in the United States Federation of Worker-Owned Cooperatives’ and Democracy and Work Institute’s Directory. We intend to infuse Massachusetts’ growing Co-op community with the energy, direction, and focus that only our youth can bring to the table!

Please Visit the Pages of the Worker-Owned Cooperatives Youth we are currently supporting:

Worker-Owned Cooperatives are one of several kinds of “Cooperative Solutions” we support the youth and young adults in our community to create during our 23-week “Co-op Academy.” If you and a small group of people have a business idea or a vision of to organize and improve your community by creating a youth-powered enterprise, please do not hesitate to contact us or sign up for our next Co-op Academy.

Learn more about Worker-Owned Cooperatives at the United States Federation of Worker-Owned Cooperatives

2. Serve-The-People (STP) Co-ops

Serve-The-People (STP) Co-ops are Cooperative Solutions that provide direct service to the community. Envisioned, planned, and operated by our youth and young adult members, STP co-ops serve as a model for people in general and young people in particular to take organized, concrete direct actions to meet peoples’ direct needs on the basis of Mutual Aid and Solidarity. STP co-ops are sustained in part by revenue from our Worker-Owned Cooperatives.

Please visit the pages of the STP programs currently being run by our youth and young adult members:

If you are a young person in the City of Worcester who wants to volunteer for one of our existing STP co-ops, please contact us. If you are a young person in the City of Worcester who wants support in envisioning, organizing, and funding your own STP program, please apply to our next Co-op Academy where you will have the opportunity to participate in our 24-week curriculum and access our support network.