We are Worcester Youth Cooperatives!

Welcome! We are Worcester Youth Cooperatives. We are an autonomous collective of youth-run cooperatives that pools together resources and skills to transform our communities, educate other youth to start their own cooperatives, and struggle together for collective liberation!

In September, 2020 6 high school seniors founded WYCs in the midst of the CoronaVirus Pandemic. Genesis, Yari, Laci, Livingston, Jahir, and Mekhi saw that homelessness, the opiate pandemic, hunger, and other systemic problems were exacerbated by the global spread of the virus. The youth linked up with their friends, Mutual Aid Worcester, 508 BikeLife, and community allies to rapidly organize 3 “cooperative solutions” to social issues they cared about:

“Hydroponic Healers Co-opgrows produce which, “BikeLife Delivery Co-op“ distributes along with items from food pantries and various other sources while “S.O.S. Worcester“ unites with the most vulnerable members of our community in the course of providing access to life-saving resources and even free basic medical services to the streets! This is just the beginning. We want to inspire more youth to start co-ops through our “Co-op Solutions Academy” and indirectly through our example. You don’t need any credentials to organize and NO ONE needs to give you permission to change your community!

Find out how to Unite With Us, and all are invited to Support Youth Power by contributing monetary resources towards our organizing.

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